Christmas at the Combat Sports Centre

We’re back again at that time of year where it’s hard to find motivation between the dark mornings and evenings. But lucky for you that is where we come in! Below is our Christmas time table which is full of all of your favourite classes. We aim to provide you with the energy, determination and resilience to push forward in the run up to Christmas before you have a well deserved break!

Christmas Opening Hours:

Thursday 22nd December: Open 7am-12pm then closing to prepare for Awards Night & Christmas Party.

Friday 23rd- Monday 26th December: Closed

Tuesday 27th- Friday 30th December– Open as normal

Saturday 31st December- Sunday 1st January: Closed

Monday 2nd January: Open as normal

Please note: Full class timetable will be running on the days we are open over Christmas

Annual Awards Night

Celebrate your successes from 2022 with us

This year as a club we have had much to celebrate and would like to take a moment to commemorate all of your commitment, efforts and determination. So, please join us at our annual awards night on Thursday 22nd of December. Doors will be open from 6pm where there will be kids entertainment before the announcement of the following awards:

• Most Improved Student

• West Warwicks Boxer of the Year

•Fighter of the Year

• MMA Athlete of the Year

•Satellite Club of the Year

• The prestigious 2022 Student of the Year!

Exciting I know! But the celebrations do not end there… Please join us in our newly renovated coffee shop throughout this December. We are located at the Combat Shop / Solihull Playtown and are currently open with reduced hours and limited menu.

The Grand Opening will shortly follow in January 2023! Where we look forward to ensuring that you stay fuelled. You can look forward to welcoming the new year with the following sneak peak of the nutritional menu we have planned for you:

• Hot & Cold drinks

•Breakfast, lunch

• Tasty snacks

• Cakes

• Soups, smoothies and protein shakes

We will also be introducing a children’s menu to keep the little ninjas energised.

Kickboxing into 2023

Are you looking to make 2023 your year? If so then this news is for you. We will be starting 2023 by giving eligible students the chance to progress further in their kickboxing journey. If your coach has notified you that your ready to complete your next belt then kick off your year in the right way by putting the following appropriate date in your diary:

📅SATURDAY 21st January

Red Stripe: 3pm and 3.45pm

Red Belt: 4.30pm and 5.15pm

📅SUNDAY 22nd January

White Belt: 1.15pm and 2pm

Yellow Belt: 2.45pm

Orange Belt & Green Belt: 3.30pm

Purple Belt & above: 4.15pm

Please check your licence has not expired. You will not be permitted to grade without a licence. If it has expired, you need to give your licence (with £30 renewal fee) to your instructor no less than 3 days before the grading.

Published on Thursday 15th December 2022

Published by Lauren-Marie Leigh


Help us to help you today!

Loss of motivation, struggling to focus?

Are you or someone you know finding it hard to motivate yourself? Are you or a friend craving some structure back in your lives? We’re aware that many members of our society may be suffering from the sudden drastic changes that have been implemented. We’re completely aware that it can be hard to motivate yourself and remain focused, which is why we’re here to provide the motivation for you. All of our members who participate in our virtual classes are taught by our Instructor’s in real time. This enables them to give their full attention to members, ensuring everyone is remaining focused and executing moves correctly. The way our virtual classes are structured allows us to provide specific motivation to each individual, as the Instructors can watch your performance and communicate with you instantly.

Our club is very experienced in helping many children and adults to form a routine that works for them. We have an array of classes at different times of the day to meet all the needs of our different members. We understand that this is a tough time for the best of us and we empathise with individuals with learning impairments, as this time could prove to be an even more challenging time to them. A loss of a routine can be detrimental to certain individuals which is why we want to help you form a new routine that is appropriate to the current times and situation. We’d like to draw to your attention to how Kickboxing is scientifically proven to be a successful means of ‘self help’.

Kickboxing involves both aerobic and anaerobic exercises which are both scientifically proven to realise endorphins: boosting your positivity. Kickboxing is also a well known stress reliever as it provides a solid distraction from life stresses and allows you to let off pent up steam. The sport enables you to learn a new life long skill, learning a new skill will provide a big sense of achievement.

We have seen a lot of success amongst our members already, we’ve watched them demonstrate innate determination. We are very proud of our members who have pushed and excelled their boundaries with us thoughout isolation. To show our recognition of their determination we have awarded them with a limited edition Dynamic Dozen t-shirt!

Some of our most recent Dynamic Dozen achieves!

Boxing yoga

We have a very exciting class to bring to your attention! Amongst our fast pace high intensity martial arts classes we also offer a recovery class, entitled Boxing Yoga. Boxing and Kickboxing work on strengthening your muscles so it’s important to maintain a balance in your training by also working on your flexibility and stretching, this can be achieved through Yoga. Our Yoga class will ensure you complete them essential stretches after intensive sessions, which will prevent you from injury.

This yoga class will also prove very beneficial to any of you who are in need of a form of relaxation. It will allow you to reach a calm state of mind and help you to let go of your stresses and worries. Start your first Yoga class today and feel the benefits immediately.

If your a member and you haven’t already signed up to our new website full of training exclusives sign up now Via our link. We miss you! Yes, members website is live now:

Not an existing member? Don’t worry we are still keeping our services open for new comers too! Contact the head coach Paul Gilmore/ Tel: 07855487324 Email:

By Lauren-Marie Leigh

Box your way through isolation with us

Online classes

Head coach Paul Gilmore

We had made the decision to transition online, by making virtual classes on the zoom app 3 weeks ago. We’re delighted to say we’ve had nothing but glowing feedback. We are doing this for you, our members. We think it’s more important now than ever, that your keeping up your training and developing your key skills you’ve been working towards. We don’t want all your previous time and efforts to be wasted!

We can empathise with you all greatly, that these uncertain times can make exercise planning seem harder then ever, when confined to your house. But we’re here to make that easier for you. We have moved all our classes online to instil a sense of certainty back into your lives. We have a time table that provides you with the opportunity to workout everyday, multiple times. We are constantly going to be reviewing and updating this time table through the feedback we receive from our members. As our goal is to constantly be providing the highest level of classes to you all.

The majority of our members have already discovered our online classes and are reaping the benefits that kickboxing is instilling in their lives. Our aim is to get our message out to all, as we know exercise at home is an important part of our lives. So therefore we’d like to encourage all members and newcomers to participate in our virtual classes.

We know that our virtual time table is helping so many of you already, by allowing you to feel some sense of normality. An example of this has been brought to our attention by one of our members parents. They helpfully reached out to us, to let us know that are both key workers with a young son. He benefits from a routine and was still attending childcare most days, when the lockdown began. But after completing a week of our virtual kickboxing classes they took him out of childcare. As they said “He is enjoying keeping his training going and having something of a routine at this difficult time”. He’s enjoyed them the much that he’s also gone on to try many of our new classes on our time table, furthering his skill set and abilities even more! This level of determination we are seeing from our members is amazing.

Why kickboxing/boxing?

Mental health benefits

Kickboxing and boxing are two sports that have always been regarded highly for the positive effect that have on mental health. The health benefits that are provided by sport are more vital now than ever before. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your mind and body active right now and we will help you with this the whole way.

The important mental health benefits consist of:

  • Social benefits (communicating with others virtually)
  • Mental toughness (trial and error)
  • Self esteem
  • Stress release
  • Learning a new skill provides a distraction
  • Ability to think fast

As you can see these attributes form the foundations of our lives, that we all need to be maintaining right now. We understand that right now is a mentally challenging time for loads of people. We take great pride to know that our members are benefiting from our virtual classes. Another members family has kindly contacted us to let us know that, “The training is really giving my son a purpose”. This is excellent to hear as it’s our exact goal: we want to motivate our members and ensure they’re all still being challenged.

Physical health benefits
  • Weight loss
  • Increased endurance
  • Muscle strength and balance
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Tone your entire body

It can seem like a daunting task to re-plan your fitness regime around lockdown life. Which is why we have aimed to do this for you, via our virtual classes. We are targeting people of all ages and all abilities by providing an array of classes that are centred around various goals such as: calorie burning, skill building and toning.

Feed back from our members has also illustrated how our virtual classes are not only ensuring children are keeping physically fit, they’re also enabling them to burn off pent up steam and energy. Which is also another important factor in ensuring the maintenance of a healthy body and mind.

Not an existing member? Don’t worry we are still keeping our services open for new comers too! We will welcome any new children or adults of all abilities.

Anyone who’s interested in the benefits they will get from this sport and would like to therefore become a member for more information contact Paul Gilmore/ Tel: 07855487324 Email:

We hope you are all well and look forward to hearing about how are classes are enabling you to maintain or start your fitness journeys.

To find out more about our clubs fundamentals go to

By Lauren-Marie Leigh

Blast a gym workout from the comforts of home

Calling all members: maintain fitness levels and kickboxing knowledge at no extra cost!

Virtual Kickboxing classes

Due to current affairs we will be closing the gym as of tonight, until further notice. However this does not mean you have to miss out on any of your favourite classes. As we can proudly announce that we will be bringing our classes to you. Yes that’s right, as of tomorrow 9:55am we will be airing live kickboxing classes, to your very own living room!

We are all currently going through big everyday life changes so it’s important to instil a new routine into our lives. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to keep your mind healthy as a part of your daily routine. A main way to ensure you can keep a mindful state of mind is to regularly exercise. It’s incredibly important to maintain your fitness through working out at home. So why not complete your home work outs with us and continue building on your kickboxing knowledge at the same time.

Please head over to our facebook page for more information on how to join our live training sessions with coach Callum.

Lauren-Marie Leigh

Change the stereotype

Ladies breaking boundaries

Ladies in a world where you can be anything be strong minded, strong willed and fearless!

Yesterday, Sunday 8th March 2020, marked a special day called National women’s day. This years theme was entitled ‘Equal for Each’. In accordance with this I thought it would be very appropriate to explore the themes importance within the Sporting world. This years tagline was: “Think Equal, Build Smart and Innovate for Change”. These principles lay down the foundations for maintaining a strong bright future for girls. As it encourages them to believe in their own strength and bodies. It educates young girls that they can be anything they want to be. And that their bodies are capable of carrying them to great sporting heights, showing that every dream can be reached.

The Importance of female involvement in martial arts

The martial arts world is still seen by many to be one predominantly dominated by males. Which is why showcasing female participation is vital to highlight the growth in female athletes, over the past few years. Female role models in any aspect of life are necessary, so why is the sporting world any different? It’s important we encourage girls to look up to physically strong female figures, to enable them to see their capable of reaching their full potentials too.

Who springs to mind when you think of strong women? A lady in particular that springs to my mind is Ronda Rousey. An Olympian judo fighter who delved into mixed martial arts. Before her time in mixed martial arts, the Ultimate fighting championship, was a place for men only. She used her willpower, determination and talent to persuade the UFC president, in 2012, to introduce a female division within the UFC: which remains in place today still accomplishing many great things. And she didn’t just stop there with exercising her talents she is also now an author and actress. Why is this so important you may be wondering? Well it is an amazing example to lead by as it demonstrates versatility and shows girls to never accept the answers ‘No’ or ‘Not allowed’ when striving for their dreams.

Ladies only Boxing classes: HIT them goals

Intrigued and wanting to do more? You have a choice to be anything, so why not choose to be strong? Be fearless and try out our ladies only boxing today suitable for all ages and abilities! Whether your aim is to become a competitive boxer or to try a new work out whilst learning a new skill. I can promise you this class will provide the right assistance for you all. Our Ladies only boxing class, is designed to:

  • Improve your fitness knowledge
  • Improve your mental agility
  • Give you an Intense work out
  • Improve your confidence and self belief
  • Combat stress and anxiety
  • Weight loss/maintain a healthy weight
  • Increase overall strength: muscle toning
  • Increase strength in bones and ligaments

Dedicate yourself the time to build up your confidence whilst equipping yourself with a new boxing skill set. At our Combat sports centre have the privilege of being trained by our very own elite boxing competitor Jerry-Lee Palmer.

Are you yearning to discover what boundaries you can push? To find out more or to book a free lesson please go to

Lauren-Marie Leigh

The mind is powerful: change your perceptions

I began my martial arts journey unexpectedly, as a young girl I was very “girly” and paid little interest in sport. Until year 9 PE where i completed my first martial arts class. This lead me on to starting it up properly at the gym. 5 years later and Im still obsessed and honestly believe it’s the best commitment I have ever made. As it has helped me become more confident in myself and allowed me to reach a mindful state. My goal is to spread awareness of this particular sport and ensure everyone gives it a try like I did.

Who will it benefit?

Have you been longing to get into shape but find that you keep reverting back to the same comfortable excuses? Perhaps it’s because your working a 9-5 and hitting the gym after a busy day seems daunting? What if I told you that learning a new skill, working out and socialising could all be accomplished in just a one hour class. And it gets better! It can also be completed any time any day. Allowing you to smash your fitness goals without having to make loads of changes to your busy schedule.

Perhaps your that parent with a busy diary, looking for something for all the family to enjoy? Martial arts is the perfect way to involve the whole family as it caters for all ages and abilities. Combine fitness time with family time and get healthy together.

Or are you a student busy revising for exams and in desperate need of an outlet? We’ve all been there! Although revision is important, it’s also vital to dedicate just a few hours a week to yourself. Take an hour break from revision, and after just one martial arts class you’ll feel relieved from exam stress. Allowing you to re-approach revision with a calmer mind. With your clearer mind see how much more effective your revision sessions become.

What will you gain?

In a 60 minute session become enriched in a new skill whilst smashing your work out goals. I can assure you that starting your journey now, for just a few hours each week will immediately translate positive energy into many other areas of your life. Notice a change in your work/school life as you become more confident, relaxed and refreshed: enabling you to approach each day calm and collectively.

Why martial arts?

Martial arts is still one of the fastest growing sports. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s benefits are endless! Many athletes consider martial arts training as a ‘way of life’ as it instils and maintains positivitie attributes in an individual such as:

  • Confidence
  • Self discipline
  • Great morals and values
  • Self defence knowledge
  • Weight loss
  • Perseverance
  • Versatility

To find out more or to book a free lesson please go to

Lauren-Marie Leigh