The mind is powerful: change your perceptions

I began my martial arts journey unexpectedly, as a young girl I was very “girly” and paid little interest in sport. Until year 9 PE where i completed my first martial arts class. This lead me on to starting it up properly at the gym. 5 years later and Im still obsessed and honestly believe it’s the best commitment I have ever made. As it has helped me become more confident in myself and allowed me to reach a mindful state. My goal is to spread awareness of this particular sport and ensure everyone gives it a try like I did.

Who will it benefit?

Have you been longing to get into shape but find that you keep reverting back to the same comfortable excuses? Perhaps it’s because your working a 9-5 and hitting the gym after a busy day seems daunting? What if I told you that learning a new skill, working out and socialising could all be accomplished in just a one hour class. And it gets better! It can also be completed any time any day. Allowing you to smash your fitness goals without having to make loads of changes to your busy schedule.

Perhaps your that parent with a busy diary, looking for something for all the family to enjoy? Martial arts is the perfect way to involve the whole family as it caters for all ages and abilities. Combine fitness time with family time and get healthy together.

Or are you a student busy revising for exams and in desperate need of an outlet? We’ve all been there! Although revision is important, it’s also vital to dedicate just a few hours a week to yourself. Take an hour break from revision, and after just one martial arts class you’ll feel relieved from exam stress. Allowing you to re-approach revision with a calmer mind. With your clearer mind see how much more effective your revision sessions become.

What will you gain?

In a 60 minute session become enriched in a new skill whilst smashing your work out goals. I can assure you that starting your journey now, for just a few hours each week will immediately translate positive energy into many other areas of your life. Notice a change in your work/school life as you become more confident, relaxed and refreshed: enabling you to approach each day calm and collectively.

Why martial arts?

Martial arts is still one of the fastest growing sports. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s benefits are endless! Many athletes consider martial arts training as a ‘way of life’ as it instils and maintains positivitie attributes in an individual such as:

  • Confidence
  • Self discipline
  • Great morals and values
  • Self defence knowledge
  • Weight loss
  • Perseverance
  • Versatility

To find out more or to book a free lesson please go to

Lauren-Marie Leigh


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