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Loss of motivation, struggling to focus?

Are you or someone you know finding it hard to motivate yourself? Are you or a friend craving some structure back in your lives? We’re aware that many members of our society may be suffering from the sudden drastic changes that have been implemented. We’re completely aware that it can be hard to motivate yourself and remain focused, which is why we’re here to provide the motivation for you. All of our members who participate in our virtual classes are taught by our Instructor’s in real time. This enables them to give their full attention to members, ensuring everyone is remaining focused and executing moves correctly. The way our virtual classes are structured allows us to provide specific motivation to each individual, as the Instructors can watch your performance and communicate with you instantly.

Our club is very experienced in helping many children and adults to form a routine that works for them. We have an array of classes at different times of the day to meet all the needs of our different members. We understand that this is a tough time for the best of us and we empathise with individuals with learning impairments, as this time could prove to be an even more challenging time to them. A loss of a routine can be detrimental to certain individuals which is why we want to help you form a new routine that is appropriate to the current times and situation. We’d like to draw to your attention to how Kickboxing is scientifically proven to be a successful means of ‘self help’.

Kickboxing involves both aerobic and anaerobic exercises which are both scientifically proven to realise endorphins: boosting your positivity. Kickboxing is also a well known stress reliever as it provides a solid distraction from life stresses and allows you to let off pent up steam. The sport enables you to learn a new life long skill, learning a new skill will provide a big sense of achievement.

We have seen a lot of success amongst our members already, we’ve watched them demonstrate innate determination. We are very proud of our members who have pushed and excelled their boundaries with us thoughout isolation. To show our recognition of their determination we have awarded them with a limited edition Dynamic Dozen t-shirt!

Some of our most recent Dynamic Dozen achieves!

Boxing yoga

We have a very exciting class to bring to your attention! Amongst our fast pace high intensity martial arts classes we also offer a recovery class, entitled Boxing Yoga. Boxing and Kickboxing work on strengthening your muscles so it’s important to maintain a balance in your training by also working on your flexibility and stretching, this can be achieved through Yoga. Our Yoga class will ensure you complete them essential stretches after intensive sessions, which will prevent you from injury.

This yoga class will also prove very beneficial to any of you who are in need of a form of relaxation. It will allow you to reach a calm state of mind and help you to let go of your stresses and worries. Start your first Yoga class today and feel the benefits immediately.

If your a member and you haven’t already signed up to our new website full of training exclusives sign up now Via our link. We miss you! Yes, members website is live now:

Not an existing member? Don’t worry we are still keeping our services open for new comers too! Contact the head coach Paul Gilmore/ Tel: 07855487324 Email:

By Lauren-Marie Leigh


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